Microsoft Windows XP SP3 Blacklizard’s Edition v2 reloaded

I will be releasing the reloaded edition of this XP soon..

New updated consist of major driver update, post SP3 update until December 2008, included SATA drivers(major;Intel), essential appz and fully customized Windows UI(part of windows 7)

So wait for the release..


4 Responses to “Microsoft Windows XP SP3 Blacklizard’s Edition v2 reloaded”

  1. Joni Says:

    Does your version of xp have the drivers for a new laptop *sata hard drive* I have a toshiba satellite200A and a regular version of xp does not have the sata drivers, when I bought the computer it had vista installed cannot find drivers anywhere for the sata hard drive.
    Thanks Joni

  2. Idiot Says:

    Did the second version (reloaded) ever actually get released? Never actually saw it on any torrents

    • blacklizard Says:

      The second edition(reloaded) are now in process..
      Will be out in less than 2 week..
      It had been delayed again..
      Sorry for inconveniences caused..

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